If you’re new to all this, begin here first.

Last week we memorized an ancient urn. We will do another one this week before moving onto something else.

This week’s urn is wider than it is tall. In fact, up to this point all of the exercises have been vertical in orientation. These kinds of images are a bit easier to recall because the bulk of each image is near the guideline. Note that I have placed this weeks image vertically so that when you print it out it will fill the page. When you are actually memorizing the image you should turn it horizontally.

As before:

  1. Print out the image and using tracing paper, trace the guidelines and reference dots.
  2. Tape or tack the source up to a wall or to an easel.
  3. Stand or sit around three feet away from it when trying to memorize.
  4. Spend five minutes memorizing. On the first attempt do not analyze. Stare into the center of the shape while you try to take it in as a whole. You may then analyze on the second attempt if you like.
  5. Now and then, trace the image in the air with your finger.
  6. After the time is up, turn away from the source and try to draw it onto the tracing paper.
  7. When you have done your best, lay the drawing over the source to check for errors
  8. Don’t forget to mark your errors. Review them before the beginning of the next day’s session.

Notice that there is a slight difference between the two sides of the vase. The differences, though subtle, can be seen in the two handles as well as the base.