Maples, Birches, Cottonwood and Red Pine (one is 60 feet tall) make up our forest. Forest is a little ambitious as we currently have only 41 trees. Nonetheless, they make a good woods, shade the house and focus every October weekend day on raking.

This past Summer I decided to rebuild my bark drawing skills. This post shows some of the results. All drawings are done in graphite (2h, 4b, 6b and 8b) and white chalk on Canson Mi-Teintes, Grey or Sky Blue paper. They are 8″ x 10″.

Maple #1 (2014)Maple #1, 2014

Birch #1 (2014)Birch #1, 2014

Maple #2 (2014)Maple #2, 2014

Tree #4 (2014)Birch #2, 2014