Just under a year ago I reviewed James Gurney’s Watercolor in the Wild DVD and download. Well, James is back in the wild again! Only this time with gouache.

He also goes back in time. Way back to the times of the Tyrannosaurs.

First up in my DVD queue this summer was Gouache in the Wild. As much as I had enjoyed last year’s Watercolor in the Wild, I’m tempted to say that Gouache in the Wild is even better. Of course I am an oil painter and gouache comes nearer to that than watercolor.

With this video, Gurney once again display’s his inventiveness, humor, and generosity. He is also a storyteller and in many of the clips of him painting he goes over the history and trivia of his subject. Of course you’ll also see how he outfits is painting kit.

Gouache in the Wild is definitely a good introduction to painting with gouache. To get a better sense of what’s in the video, check out Gurney’s release, then go purchase it!

Be on the lookout for the skateboard incident. Gee, I hope he’s OK!


Next up was Tyrannosaurs. In this post’s intro I humorously suggested that Gurney went back in time. That was true for me. Watching the process outlined in the video reminded me of the books I’d read about nineteenth and early twentieth-century illustrators. Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell spring to mind. I’d say James is, with out a doubt, a modern-day version of those greats.


For those interested in how top-notch, imaginative illustration is done, Tyrannosaurs, along with Gurney’s 2013 release of How I Paint Dinosaurs would give you a master-level class. In fact, if you teach middle or high school students, these videos would be perfect additions to your curriculum.